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NOTICE: For administrative reasons, spring has been canceled until further notice. All calendars have been set back to November.

Spring has seemingly finally sprung, as evidenced by all of the planting happening at the community garden next door.  A lot of planting seems to involve sheets of plastic for some reason.

Standing shoehorn FAIL!

I’ll do the obvious joke here… “The first rule of Mahjong Fight Club is: Don’t talk about Mahjong Fight Club.”

In this special episode of PotD celebrating the fact that I finally got the Internet connection on my phone working again, I am sending this underwear ad appearing in Oedo Line stations around Tokyo.

This movie poster features a guy catching a giant… fish. Yeah, that’s what it looks like, a fish.

This is either true bravery, true stupidity, or both. These two workers at the location of the famous Almond Cafe in Roppongi are standing 10 meters off the ground, adjusting the girders that are currently holding them.

It’s interesting to note that Barack Obama’s speeches have already been the subject of 2 Teach-Yourself-English books. They certainly did choose a good wordsmith to study…

Japan is, in most ways, just an average country, rather than the futuristic dystopia that people who have never lived here picture. That said, there are occasional flashes of the future, such as this order tablet often seen in bars and karaoke establishments. Just touch the icons on the screen for what you want, and within minutes the waitress will be at your table with your order.

This product, named “chocolate beer”, is not beer at all. It turns out to be chocolate-flavoured soda, quite disappointed given the name.